Car Mechanics Magazine Names Ring Under Bonnet Lamp 2018 Best Buy

Ring’s innovative RUBL1000/REUBL1000 Under Bonnet Lamp has won the Best Buy Award in Car Mechanics Magazine’s Under Bonnet Lamp test.

All the lamps on test were put through their paces in a workshop environment, and were assessed on their light output, battery capacity, recharge time, price and the usability of the lamp. The testers spent several days using the Under Bonnet Lamp to get a real feel for which was the best.

The RUBL1000/REUBL1000 came out as the winner, with the review praising how “the light is dispersed” across the engine bay, with the LEDs able to be “individually angled to illuminate different areas of an engine”. Overall, the review concluded that “the lighting is strong, the extendable hooks are easy to operate and the whole unit is reasonably light and compact”. The battery was also found to be the “longest-lasting on full brightness”. Plus, it was cited as “the coolest looking underbonnet light on test”: it combines good looks with a solid performance.

Henry Bisson, Marketing Manager at Ring, said, “We are delighted that the Under Bonnet Lamp has been recognised by Car Mechanics as a great piece of kit for technicians and mechanics. Every aspect of the design has taken into account the work conditions and needs of the garage. This latest award follows praise from Top Technician finalists and Garage Wire readers, and confirms that the Under Bonnet Lamp a great addition to the workshop.”

Designed with professionals in mind

The RUBL1000/REUBL1000 Under Bonnet Lamp has been designed with professionals in mind. The 3x 5W adjustable LEDs mean you’ll never be working in the shadows. The 6000K colour temperature gives a very white light, for comfortable working conditions. The rechargeable 3.7V 10400mAh Li-ion battery lasts up to 15 hours, meaning no need to stop work to recharge, and the adjustable arm means it is suitable for most makes and models of vehicles. The padded hooks ensure that the lamp will not damage paintwork when attached, and the sturdy polycarbonate, ABS and aluminium construction means it is tough enough to withstand workshop conditions, but also lightweight and easy to work with.