Automotive Brands Launch Power Maxxed Leather Protector


Power Maxed Ready To Use Leather Protector

Power Maxed is a revolutionary range of automotive cleaning, additive & lubricant products which have been developed with top level race teams in the UK including; a British/World GP Motocross Team and our own British Touring Car Championship race team Power Maxed Racing. Power Maxed Racing has two Chevrolet Cruze cars, raced by Kelvin Fletcher (better known to the public as Emmerdale actor Andy Sugden, who has been in Emmerdale for the past 20 years) & Hunter Abbott competing in this season’s exciting British Touring Car Championships.

Power Maxed latest development within the exceptional valeting range is Power Maxed Leather Protector. It has a unique blend of moisturising soaps which will help polish and restore and renovate your leather seats as well as protecting against cracking and discolouring over time. Our Leather Protector also protects plastic surfaces, as well as textured vinyl.


·       Polishes & Restores                                                                                                                                                                    

·       Safe For Use On Plastic & Textured Vinyls

·       Quickly absorbs

·       Restores the look of your interior

·       Money Back Guarantee

·       Developed with top level race teams, including Power Maxed Racing

Directions of Use
Use as supplied. SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE. Spray evenly onto surface. Uniformly rub into surface with a clean soft cloth, once absorbed buff to a shine with a polishing cloth.
REGULAR USE WILL HELP PRESERVE THE SEATS ORIGINAL CONDITION. (ALWAYS TEST ON AN INCONSPICUOUS AREA FOR PRODUCT COMPATIBILITY BEFORE USE.) Do not splash into eyes. Avoid extremes of temperature. Keep out of direct sunlight. Keep containers sealed until required.

We are so confident that Power Maxed Leather Protector will give the best results possible, it comes with a “Product Performance Money Back Guarantee” - If you find a similar product that performs better we will give you your money back. Power Maxed Leather Protector (500ml) retails at £6.99 for more information, please visit