Power Maxed All Purpose Cleaner

Power Maxed is a revolutionary range of automotive cleaning, additive & lubricant products which have been developed with top level race teams in the UK including a British/World GP Motocross Team and our own British Touring Car Championship race team, Power Maxed Racing. Power Maxed Racing has two Chevrolet Cruze cars, raced by Kelvin Fletcher (better known to the public as Emmerdale actor Andy Sugden, who has been in Emmerdale for the past 20 years) and Hunter Abbott competing in this season’s exciting British Touring Car Championships.

Power Maxed latest development within the exceptional cleaning and valeting range is Power Maxed All Purpose Cleaner. It is a non-caustic and safe to use, multi-purpose cleaner and a must have product. Its suitability extends well beyond what we originally intended. It can be used for interior use also.

Power Maxed All Purpose Cleaner performs brilliantly as a versatile all-round cleaning product, cleaning bug splats and general grime from the exterior of any vehicle, door trims, seals, engine bays – it does the works.

This is a heavy duty hard surface cleaner degreaser product with in built oil and grease dispersal properties. It is also ideal for cleaning walls, concrete walls, concrete floors, forecourts, vinyl and ceramic tiles. Being low foam it is highly recommended for using as an additive for industrial floor scrubber machines.

·      High strength deep cleaning formula
·      Suitable for all types of vehicles
Directions of Use

·      Money Back Guarantee

·      Can be used neat to remove oil spots from driveways

·      Power Maxed All Purpose Cleaner is perfect for use around the house at 50:1 dilution

Power Maxed All Purpose Cleaner Concentrated Product. Pre dilute to 80-1 with water (80 parts water). This will be variable due to surface soiling involved. Once diluted, simply wipe over surface to loosen soiling. Rinse off with clean water.

It is ideally used for full strength heavy duty jobs or diluted up to 80:1 for light cleaning. Popular dilutions are 30:1 for cleaning of interiors and 15:1 for tougher stains and exteriors including tyre walls. Always spot check in an inconspicuous spot for leather, upholstery and vinyl.

We are so confident that Power Maxed All Purpose Cleaner will give the best results possible, it comes with a “Product Performance Money Back Guarantee” - If you find a similar product that performs better we will give you your money back. Power Maxed All Purpose Cleaner (5 Litre) retails at £19.99 for more information, please visit www.powermaxed.com