OE Land Rover Auxiliary Coolant Pump Failure Understood

First Line take important steps to ensure that the products supplied are the highest quality, a quality that is representative of the brands' position in the market. Our expert product team understands every aspect of the products supplied and always provides customers with as much technical information and support as they need.

With this commitment in mind we have released a technical bulletin about the Auxiliary Coolant Pump failure, due to OE wiring fault, on the Land Rover Range Rover and Range Rover Sport MK.3 2005>09.

When the vehicle was manufactured the wires that go into the pump connector (C3006) may have been wired the wrong way round. Because of this, the Auxiliary Coolant Pump, which cools the Supercharger is likely to operate in reverse. Over time this will degrade the pumps ability to function and cause it to fail prematurely. If the fix is made and it is understood that the Auxiliary Coolant Pump has been running in reverse, then it is recommended that the pump is replaced. 

Download the technical bulletin to find out more